What Are You Waiting For? (Personal Spiritual Practice Guide – PDF)


Listen to your longings

An Advent and Christmas Guide for Personal Spiritual Practice


The last few years have been very difficult. And many of us have found that our faith has come under pressure in ways we’ve never experienced before. We have learned that we need a stronger, more resilient, and more sustaining spiritual practice.

Advent and Christmas are wonderful opportunities to connect more deeply with the God who came in human flesh. They are designed to lead us into a deeper and richer experience of God’s abundant life—if we will just learn the lessons they offer. And if we enter into these seasons intentionally, we can set ourselves up for a richer and more vibrant life in the year ahead.

One of the most important things we can do to maximise the opportunity for growth and health that Advent and Christmas offer is to listen to our longings. When we listen to our hearts, we get in touch with what we really want in our lives. We connect with what would make us feel more fully alive and connected. We discover what really matters to us and what gives our lives a sense of meaning and purpose. And when we’ve taken note of what our longings tell us, we can then turn to the incarnate Christ to find out how to fulfil those longings!


That’s why I’m so excited to share this new guide for personal spiritual practice with you! What Are You Waiting For? is designed to lead you on a spiritual practice journey through Advent and Christmas. Each week you will explore one of your primary longings and allow Christ to show the way to fulfilment and abundant life.

Based on the Lectionary readings for Year C (the Gospel of Luke), What Are You Waiting For? will take you deeper into the incarnation story and offer practical ways to plan for a deep and richer life in the year to come.

What Are You Waiting For? includes:

  • Reflection chapters for every week from Advent Sunday to the Second Sunday of Christmas.
  • Prayers, response exercises, and integration practices for every day of Advent and Christmas.
  • Daily guided reflections to listen more deeply to the Scriptures and apply them to your life.

There is also a separate community worship guide available separately that provides everything you need for worship for every week of the Advent and Christmas seasons. You can also purchase both this personal spiritual practice guide and the community worship guide together as a bundle which includes a license to share the daily practices with your community in print, via email and messaging, and/or on your website and social media channels.


What Are You Waiting For? includes the following chapters:

Advent Sunday: We Long To Be Alive

We tend to take it for granted that certain events or experiences that we call ‘negative’ will leave us feeling deadened. But does life have to work that way?

The Second Sunday of Advent: We Long To Matter

We don’t all need to be important. But we do all need to feel that we are important to someone. We don’t all need to change the world. But we do all need to feel that we have a contribution to make.

The Third Sunday of Advent: We Long For Kindness

We long for kindness. And the beginning of seeing that longing fulfilled is to hear the message of John and recognise that the Christ he proclaimed is a kind Messiah

The Fourth Sunday of Advent: We Long Acceptance

What a wonderful liberation it is when, like Mary, we come to know that we are beloved even when others tell us we’re not worthy of love.

Christmas Day: We Long To Belong

This Christmas, perhaps we can let go of all the conditions and qualifications for belonging that our society teaches us. Perhaps we can welcome one another as we are and learn to understand and appreciate the wonder of each unique person.

The First Sunday of Christmas: We Long For Wisdom

As we face the growing challenges of navigating the world in the 21st Century, we know that we need wisdom more than ever before.

The Second Sunday of Christmas: We Long For Transcendence

We do not need to be exceptional to have a life worth living. We do not need to search for transcendence and go from experience to experience to feel fully alive. We are already are transcendent!




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