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Find the resilience you need

A Liturgical Guide for Lent and Holy Week


Have you ever started something enthusiastically, with great inspiration and strength, only to find that over time, you began to lose heart and struggled to keep going? Perhaps you’ve even started this year like that. You may have set intentions for the year and set up your systems and structures to bring them to fruition, only to hit obstacles and get derailed.

For many of us, the pandemic has been one long, exhausting obstacle that has blocked us from fulfilling our hopes and dreams, kept us from connecting with others, and changed our lives for the worse. Even if we’ve managed to find joy and keep our lives on track, we may still be feeling depressed and depleted. Around the world the call is growing ever louder: we want things to go back to normal.

But what we knew as normal no longer exists and we can’t yet see what the new normal will be like when it finally arrives. If we’ve learned anything form the last two years, it’s that COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. We will be navigating this pandemic and its impact for years to come.

And that means that we desperately need a new and deeper capacity for resilience.


It is with exactly this reality in mind that I am excited to share the new liturgical guide from Sacredise entitled Irrepressible—Find the resilience you need. This liturgical guide for Lent and Holy Week explores ten qualities that can empower us to find the resilience we need. In addition, From Monday to Wednesday in Holy Week, Irrepressible explores three of Isaiah’s Servant Songs to find what resilience meant for the prophet and how it was manifest in the life of Jesus.

Irrepressible includes:

  • Sermon starters for every service from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday.
  • Prayers, liturgies, response rituals and integration practices.
  • Suggestions for use in personal devotions and small groups.
  • A guide for a theme-based Tenebrae service.
  • A guide for a theme-based Holy Saturday Vigil.
  • A Table Liturgy.

There is also a separate Personal Spiritual Practice Guide available separately that provides specific, detailed guides for personal reflection for every day of the Lent and Holy Week seasons. You can also purchase both this Liturgical Guide and the Personal Spiritual Practice Guide together as a bundle which includes a license to share the daily practices with your community in print, via email and messaging, and/or on your website and social media channels.

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Irrepressible includes the following chapters:

Ash Wednesday: Irrepressible Dust

It is when we have a vision of our best selves and we feel that we are good and whole—and constantly moving toward greater goodness and wholeness—that we are most able to live full and connected lives.

The First Sunday of Lent: Irrepressible Goodness

The ironic truth that emerges is that irrepressible goodness is found, not in denying our capacity for sin and evil, but in recognising our capacity for darkness and doing the work to overcome it.

The Second Sunday of Lent: Irrepressible Compassion

Compassion is not a simple way to address the world’s problems. It is not easy and it is not weak. It is a commitment to cling to our humanity even as we identify and confront everything that dehumanises.

The Third Sunday of Lent: Irrepressible Grace

In a world where polarisation, blame, and religious finger-pointing seem to be at an all-time high, irrepressible grace is desperately needed. It is subversive, liberating, and healing.

The Fourth Sunday of Lent: Irrepressible Love

As followers of Christ, living in an age of pandemic and polarisation we also need to choose whether we will believe in the irrepressible power of love.

The Fifth Sunday of Lent: Irrepressible Generosity

Irrepressible generosity does not require grand gestures or trust funds. It simply needs us to be willing to open our hearts to those around us and to share whatever we have.

Palm Sunday: Irrepressible Joy

If there is any one thing we can do to make a positive difference in this dark time in our history, it is to cling to what brings us joy.

Holy Week – Monday: The Irrepressible Servant (Part One)

The world is changed when each of us sees ourselves as Servant of God and we do our small part in making the world a kinder and more inclusive place.

Holy Week – Tuesday: The Irrepressible Servant (Part Two)

We will all face times that will overwhelm us and make us wonder if we will survive. But if we can find the resilience to get up when we are broken down, to run even when all seems lost, then we can, slowly and painfully, find our way back to a life of richness and thriving.

Holy Week – Wednesday: The Irrepressible Servant (Part Three)

Even if it is only within our own homes, using our voice in defence of the vulnerable is one of the most creative and loving things we can ever do.

Holy Week – Thursday: Irrepressible Light (Tenebrae)

Fill us with light, O God / Cast out our darkness, O Christ / Fill us with light, O God

Good Friday: Irrepressible Courage

As we remember the meaning of Christ’s cross today, let us not forget that we all have to endure our own particular crosses. And let us allow the Spirit of Christ to lead us into the same irrepressible courage that empowered Jesus…

Holy Saturday: Irrepressible Life (Easter Vigil)

In the face of death we gather to remember life / the life that refuses to be locked away in graves / the life that insists on breaking out in every death-dominated place / the life that is irrepressible and eternal / the life that God offers us now.

Appendix: Table Liturgy

CLICK HERE to download a free sample of the IRREPRESSIBLE – FIND THE RESILIENCE YOU NEED Liturgical Guide



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