Words & Music by: John van de Laar

© 2009 Sacredise

CCLI#: 5513178


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You are father to the homeless, a mother to the abused
A compass to the wanderer, and truth to the confused
A reprieve to the guilty, to the failure a new day
And no one who has need of you is ever turned away

So with humble thanks we find our place at the feast you have prepared
And rest in your compassion so limitlessly shared
And we lift our voice to sing a hymn to praise the One who died
Including in our circle every God-beloved life

You are wisdom to the seeker, to the mute you are a voice
A prophet to oppressors, the stillness in the noise
The defender of the threatened, a warning to the corrupt
And the doorway to God’s Commonwealth of justice and of love


You are music to the singer, to the artist you are light
The lyric of the poet, the dancer’s joyous flight
You’re the life in every creature, the fire in every star
And each fragment of the universe is held within your heart


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