One of the great questions of the Christian faith is this: What is holiness? The Scriptures speak about holiness a lot, and often in ways that are challenging and uncomfortable. When we hear the call to “be holy as God is holy” it can feel like an impossible task. Perhaps that’s why we are so tempted to turn holiness into a code of specific acts of purity – or rather the avoidance of certain acts that are seen as impure. If holiness is only about what we do or don’t do with our own bodies, it is restrictive, oppressive and life-draining. There is little benefit to a faith that is based on such narrow legalistic control of a few physical actions.

But, if we explore what holiness looks like from the New Testament perspective, we get a very different picture. Holiness is not about what we don’t do or about a few narrowly defined personal actions. Rather, it’s about the broad sweep of how we engage and interact with God, with others, and with the world. True holiness is creative, liberating, loving, and life-giving.

This week we explore what it means to live in true Christian holiness.

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