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This year the Church Calendar has an extra week after Trinity Sunday – Proper 6A – that has not been present in Year A in the time since Daily Worship began. However, I am afraid that I have just not been able to include this new week in the Daily Worship reflections for this year. You will notice that the reflections for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all relate to Trinity Sunday which has just past, but the reflections for Thursday, Friday and Saturday all relate to Proper 7A – not Proper 6A.

I hope that you will forgive me for missing out on the reflections leading up to Proper 6A this Sunday, and then flowing out from Sunday in the first half of next week. And then I hope you will continue to stay with the journey from next week on when things will be back to normal.

I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for your ongoing support of Sacredise and Daily Worship.

2 comments on “Announcement

  1. I’m not the least bit upset about the devotions. As long as I can spend quality time with our Heavenly Father in devotion and feel close to Him, I’m happy.
    Thank you for the way you help us to be aware of God’s love for us and our need to respond positively.
    Bless you

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