• Worship Together

      Contemporary worship music, articles, resources and a great free newsletter.

    • Worship Leader Magazine

      Articles, reviews, ideas and interviews from some of the best known worship leaders and thinkers in the world today.

    • Working Preacher

      A stunning site with scholarly commentary on the set readings from the Revised Common Lectionary for each week of the year. Created by Luther Seminary.

    • Twelve Baskets

      This site is an awesome portal for all sorts of resources created by what has become an amazing creative community. Don’t miss it.

    • The Text This Week

      My favourite resource for commentaries, articles, resources and ideas when preparing for worship gatherings.

    • The General Board of Discipleship, Worship Site

      A wealth of ideas, theology and resources for music, worship, liturgy, multi-cultural gatherings and more. Also look out for the links to the music and preaching sections of the GBOD site.

    • Proost

      A resource site for churches that are looking to do things differently. Very good for emerging worship (for want of a better way to describe it) in particular.

    • Liturgy: Worship That Works, Spirituality That Connects

      This is a great site by New Zealand Anglican priest Bosco Peters. Offers some wonderful resources and a great blog.

    • In The Courtyard

      This great reflection and resource site is created by author and Epsicopal preacher Margaret McGee.

    • Experiencing Worship

      Another great resources for articles, insights and new music.

    • Clergy Resources

      A lovely, simple, collaborative site offering guidelines and resources for every aspect of the worship life of the church.