• The Ooze

      Reflections on faith and culture, the emergent church, post modernism and new ways of doing church.

    • Sojourners

      A challenging site by Jim Wallis and others, stimulating the conversation between faith and issues of justice.

    • Rejesus

      A stunning, down-to-earth, insightful web site and blog offering great insights into living out the Christian faith with integrity, engagement with the world and authenticity.

    • Evolutionary Christianity

      A new site, started by Michael Dowd, offering conversations around science, faith, religion and how evolution can deepen faith rather than challenge it.

    • Creator Magazine

      A great site of articles, resources and reflecitons on everything to do with worship curated by Vern Sanders.

    • Conversations Journal

      The website of the converrsations Journal print magazine. A great resource for Christian thinking including contributors like Larry Crabb, Dr. David Benner, Trevor Hudson and yours truly!

    • Century Blog

      The blog of The Christian Century magazine. Often provides really great articles.

    • Brian McLaren

      The website and blog of well known author and speaker, Brian McLaren. Brian’s work encourages the church to engage with the post modern world, and also explore the ramifications of God’s Reign for the big issues we face.

    • Beliefnet

      The well-known website with articles, blogs, resources and discussion boards dealing with faith in all its shapes and forms.