• Music Resources
    • Vicky Beeching

      One of the freshest new worship song writers to appear in recent years. Vicky has a degree in theology, great, thoughtful lyrics, and some really stunning, guitar driven arrangements. Her songs work well in congregational worship. She is a Brit splitting her time between the UK and the USA.

    • Tim Hughes

      The website of British song writer and worship leader at Holy Trinity Brompton (the home of the Alpha Course), Tim Hughes.

    • The Restoration Project

      This is the web site of musician and activist Tracy Wispelwey (nee Howe). Some great resources for music with a connection to what’s really going on in the world.

    • The Lanier Company

      This is the website of Gary and Valetta Lanier, a couple who have established an amazing independent artists music promotion and production company. The Laniers are musicians in their own right, but also work hard to promote other independent artists.

    • Song Discovery

      A great subscription-based music resource, offering 6 CDs a year, with a selection of songs from around the world, including choird charts & lead sheets, and a subscription to Worship Leader magazine, for an affordable annual fee.

    • Small Church Music

      This is an amazing site with mp3 downloads of organ, piano and in some cases a small band playing a surprising number of well-known and well-loved hymns. For churches with few musical resources, this site is a God send!

    • Sharesong

      A great resource for independent musicians to share their songs, and for churches to find free music.

    • Service Music

      Music for Church Worship from the UK.

    • Sally DeFord Music

      This site was recommended to me. Here is the recommendation I received:“This site belongs to a composer/arranger who is part of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, but the bulk of the material is appropriate for all Christians.  This one is a bit more traditional in style, but the arrangements are top quality.  There are fantastic solos, duets, cantatas, and choral anthems.  Everything is free, within guidelines, even the background tracks.”

    • Robin Mann

      Australian church music song writer. From a brief exploration of the site it looks these are like nice singable tunes with good lyrics.

    • Resound Worship

      A wonderful initiative from a group of UK based song writers, offering their music for free download on their site. This site has had good reviews from some well-known worship leaders like Tim Hughes.

    • New Hymn

      The web site of Brenton Prigge, a South African Methodist minister, now resident in Australia, who creates new lyrics to traditional hymn tunes, based on the Revised Common Lectionary.

    • Music For Missions

      An inspiring project, which includes Karen Lafferty (composer of the song Seek Ye First) among those involved, that showcases music and musicians, while raising funds for mission work.

    • Matt Redman

      The website of the well-known British worship leader and song writer.

    • Leadworship.com

      The website of US worship leader Paul Baloche.

    • Highest Praise

      The website of Fred McKinnon, Indie-musician extraordinaire, worship leader and song writer. Fred offers great resources, insights and is also the creator and moderator of The Worship Community.

    • Free Choral Music from Ashley Hall

      A simple site with sheet music downloads of Ashley’s arrangements of some traditional and some original hymns. Mp3s and pdfs are available for download.

    • Family Worship Resources

      This site is dedicated to families worshipping together, and is terrific for churches with multigenerational congregations.  Excellent children’s music and praise band material, very uplifting. All free. (check out the songs page especially).

  • Theology & Spirituality
    • The Ooze

      Reflections on faith and culture, the emergent church, post modernism and new ways of doing church.

    • Sojourners

      A challenging site by Jim Wallis and others, stimulating the conversation between faith and issues of justice.

    • Rejesus

      A stunning, down-to-earth, insightful web site and blog offering great insights into living out the Christian faith with integrity, engagement with the world and authenticity.

    • Evolutionary Christianity

      A new site, started by Michael Dowd, offering conversations around science, faith, religion and how evolution can deepen faith rather than challenge it.

    • Creator Magazine

      A great site of articles, resources and reflecitons on everything to do with worship curated by Vern Sanders.

    • Conversations Journal

      The website of the converrsations Journal print magazine. A great resource for Christian thinking including contributors like Larry Crabb, Dr. David Benner, Trevor Hudson and yours truly!

    • Century Blog

      The blog of The Christian Century magazine. Often provides really great articles.

    • Brian McLaren

      The website and blog of well known author and speaker, Brian McLaren. Brian’s work encourages the church to engage with the post modern world, and also explore the ramifications of God’s Reign for the big issues we face.

    • Beliefnet

      The well-known website with articles, blogs, resources and discussion boards dealing with faith in all its shapes and forms.

  • Worship & Preaching Resources
    • Worship Together

      Contemporary worship music, articles, resources and a great free newsletter.

    • Worship Leader Magazine

      Articles, reviews, ideas and interviews from some of the best known worship leaders and thinkers in the world today.

    • Working Preacher

      A stunning site with scholarly commentary on the set readings from the Revised Common Lectionary for each week of the year. Created by Luther Seminary.

    • Twelve Baskets

      This site is an awesome portal for all sorts of resources created by what has become an amazing creative community. Don’t miss it.

    • The Text This Week

      My favourite resource for commentaries, articles, resources and ideas when preparing for worship gatherings.

    • The General Board of Discipleship, Worship Site

      A wealth of ideas, theology and resources for music, worship, liturgy, multi-cultural gatherings and more. Also look out for the links to the music and preaching sections of the GBOD site.

    • Proost

      A resource site for churches that are looking to do things differently. Very good for emerging worship (for want of a better way to describe it) in particular.

    • Liturgy: Worship That Works, Spirituality That Connects

      This is a great site by New Zealand Anglican priest Bosco Peters. Offers some wonderful resources and a great blog.

    • In The Courtyard

      This great reflection and resource site is created by author and Epsicopal preacher Margaret McGee.

    • Experiencing Worship

      Another great resources for articles, insights and new music.

    • Clergy Resources

      A lovely, simple, collaborative site offering guidelines and resources for every aspect of the worship life of the church.

  • Video & Images
    • Worship House Media

      Another good site offering video resources.

    • Wingclips

      This great site offers free or paid downloads of clips from popular movies, with good suggestions for sermon themes that they might connect with.

    • The Work Of The People

      One of the most original sites offering video downloads.

    • Sermonspice

      A great resource, with a monthly newsletter that often offers freebies.

    • Graphics 4 Worship

      Lots of  images and video clips.

    • Church PowerPoint

      A great site offering graphics for PowerPoint specifically designed to fit the Revised Common Lectionary.

  • Communities
    • Worship The Rock

      Another new community for worship leaders and musicians.

    • The Worship Community

      Started by independent worship musician Fred McKinnon, this is a growing resource for song writers, worship leaders and musicians.

    • Song Discovery Community

      A spin off from the Song Discovery site. A good place to access new independent artists and connect with other worship leaders and musicians.

    • Link3

      This is a link description, it’s nice.

    • Everybody Praise Him

      A new social networking site for worship leaders and ministry workers.